Extending Your Stay in Canada as a Student

Exploring Options: Extending Your Stay in Canada as an International Student Through Study Permit Extensions and Modifications

When your study permit is set to expire, it’s crucial to understand the options available for extending your stay in Canada as a student. Typically, a study permit expires 90 days after the end of your study program. If you haven’t completed your program by the date specified on your permit, you’ll need to apply for an extension. Conversely, if you finish your program early, your study permit will still expire 90 days after the completion date. Therefore, it’s essential to plan accordingly and initiate the extension process in a timely manner to ensure continuity in your studies and stay in Canada.

If your study permit has yet to expire

Submitting an application for renewal, change, or extension before your current status expires is crucial for maintaining your status as a temporary resident in Canada. This action ensures that you are considered to be on “maintained status” until Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) makes a decision on your application. However, if your status expires before IRCC reaches a decision, you will only be able to continue studying while remaining in Canada. Therefore, it’s essential to initiate the application process well in advance to avoid any disruptions in your stay or studies.

Maintaining legal status in Canada throughout this process is paramount. It is crucial not to exceed the duration of your authorized stay in Canada without first applying for a change in status. This ensures compliance with immigration regulations and avoids any potential complications or consequences related to overstaying your permitted duration of stay.

If your study permit has already expired

If your study permit expires and you haven’t applied to extend it, you lose your status in Canada. Continuing or restarting your studies is not possible until IRCC restores your status and issues a new study permit. You have 90 days to apply for status restoration and permit extension. This process incurs a CAN$200 fee for status restoration and a CAN$150 fee for the new study permit.

If you’re planning to travel outside of Canada

Ensure you possess the necessary travel document for re-entry into Canada. A valid travel document is essential for returning to the country.

If you’ve applied for a different permit

If you’ve transitioned from being a student to applying for a work permit, you’re not permitted to continue studying while awaiting the decision on your work permit application. Additionally, you cannot work until IRCC has approved your application. Nonetheless, you’re allowed to remain in Canada as a temporary resident (visitor) until a decision is reached on your application.

How can I stay in Canada after I graduate?

To remain in Canada after graduation, it’s essential to maintain legal status by taking one of the following steps:

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